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HFP is an on-going passion project of mine that started in 2009-2010. I create, co-create, and produce content to help people get fit and stay fit. Our community is 300k strong across web, social, and email.

The Discomfort Zone

To compliment "The Edge" content series, we also dreamed up the idea of a "Discomfort Zone" as an onsite activation at Spartan events where racers could connect with other racers while they cold plunge.

AG1, Athletic Greens' premier product is a 30-second daily nutritional habit. At TORIAL, we wrote editorials, newsletters, and designed a landing page for other 30-second habits that could make a big impact on people's lives. 

I wrote a long form editorial piece about the launch of Prenuvo's full body MRI. The piece included a first-person experience, what to expect + a Q&A with the CEO.

I leveraged ChatGPT, SurferSEO, WIX, Adobe Firefly and other AI tools to launch a men's mental health brand (website, blog, and social) in under 10 days. 

Our team at TORIAL provided a branded content series idea titled "The Edge" to Spartan Race's sponsorship & production teams. The series profiled 3 racers and how they push themselves to "The Edge".

This was a brand campaign developed for Spartan that celebrated the grit and dedication of the community. The Spartan team and I collaborated on an editorial story, a hype reel, and a limited edition t-shirt.

I collaborated with the entire content team at NEOU, including celeb trainer Bob Harper to bring a social media campaign to life with the goal of finding the next great fitness instructor. We received thousands of applications.

I recently partnered with a local NYC cafe to launch a high protein and high fiber chocolate pudding. We quickly figured out the name, branding, packaging, production costs, margins, and logistics. We sell out every morning.

Writing & Media Contributions

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