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Projects & Press

HFP is an on-going passion project of mine that started in 2009-2010. I create, co-create, and produce content to help people get fit and stay fit. Our community is 300k strong across web, social, and email.

AG1, Athletic Greens' premier product is a 30-second daily nutritional habit. At TORIAL, we wrote editorials, newsletters, and built a landing page for other 30-second habits that could make a big impact on people's lives. 

As an entrepreneur I understand first-hand how hard it is to build a successful business, especially in the highly-competitive fitness industry. I contributed a series of pieces to on how to get ahead.

This was a brand campaign developed for Spartan that celebrated the grit and dedication of the community. The Spartan team and I collaborated on an editorial story, a hype reel, and a limited edition t-shirt.

I collaborated with the entire content team at NEOU, including celeb trainer Bob Harper to bring a social media campaign to life with the goal of finding the next great fitness instructor. We received thousands of applications.


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