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About Me

After starting a career at The New York Times in advertising sales, I launched a fitness blog which led to my dream job as the executive digital editorial director for Men's Fitness magazine. When the magazine was closed in 2017, I freelanced for a variety of media outlets and brands until co-founding TORIAL Media in 2021, a boutique content agency servicing brands in the fitness & wellness space including start-ups and global household names.

I'm also a certified personal trainer and coach.



Co-founded and launched TORIAL Media, a boutique content and strategy agency servicing brands in the fitness & wellness space. Our team has worked with brands such as Nike, Athletic Greens, Spartan, Equinox, and more.


Launched NEOU Fitness', 'Always On' blog and oversaw the brand's social media accounts as the Director of Editorial and Social Media. Year over year, the brand's following grew more than 125%. 


I focused on freelance writing, editing, and managing projects for brands. I contributed work to Men's Journal, Men's Health, Women's Running, Equinox, and Spartan.​


I dedicated efforts on rapidly expanding our video output and pulling in celebrity names to bolster the Men's Fitness brand. I've produced hundreds of videos including fitness programs, celebrity interviews, and branded content campaigns. During my full tenure as director starting in 2013, web traffic grew from 3M to a peak of 13.8M; social media grew from 100K to 3M+. ​​


In November of 2013, I was promoted to digital director of Men's Fitness. I was responsible for overseeing the digital editorial operations during a period of print and digital staff integrations. In April 2016, I was promoted to executive digital director.​


I joined Men's Fitness magazine as an assistant editor tasked with rapidly producing a high-volume of content in order to grow audience. I also began managing the social media platforms and launched the Instagram account. I was promoted to associate editor in 2012. At this time, HFP "influencers" began producing and promoting content for the Men's Fitness brand.​


I left The New York Times to join a start-up in the beverage industry. I spent six months in the field pitching retailers and distributors. The company folded and I learned many valuable lessons about start-up life and entrepreneurship.


My first job out of college was with The New York Times as an inside sales representative. My category was real estate. I called on developers and brokers in both the New York and national markets.​ In parallel path, sometime in 2009, I launched The endeavor began as a blog on fitness, nutrition, and mindset content. It then evolved into a contributor network, or what we'd now consider an influencer network. HFP eventually led to my next role at Men's Fitness magazine.​


Prior to graduating college, I interned for the CEO of a surf forecasting website Over the course of three months my time was primarily spent prospecting, crafting sales presentations, and brainstorming advertising solutions.

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